How to disable automatic Updates, downloads Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone or iPad

How to Stop automatic Updates, downloads, and Wi-Fi Assist Feature

It is important to keep your iPhone or iPad up to date with latest downloads. The automatic update helps to keep the device bug free but sometimes a lot of unnecessary updates put a lot of load on iPhone or iPad memory. You can easily disable automatic Updates, downloads Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone or iPad. It does waste a lot of data and precious time. These kind of downloads and updates are the reason for slow processing of iPhone or iPad.

If you want to get rid of these useless automatic updates and download then this piece of article is just for you.

Automatic updates feature can be disabled by WiFi assist. The settings for WiFi assist can be enabled or disabled in the main settings on your iPhone or iPad. It is very easy to disable WiFi assist and automatic downloads but you need to be careful with settings the things up. This method is used for iOS 9. Automatic updates and downloads can use your iPhone memory and data connection without your permission and confirmation. Automatic updates even don’t let you know that when they are working.


Important: The automatic download of the new iOS is not possible to stop as it downloads the update file without any order and just asks you that if you want to install those or not. You can also get rid of it by switching off mobile data option. There is no confirmed way to do this on Apple website. So, I decided to share this trick with my readers.

Here is the tutorial to disable automatic updates and downloads on iPhone and iPad.

How to disable Automatic Updates and Downloads on iOS Devices:

First of all

1.Switch on your phone and go to your home screen. On the home screen, select the settings option.

2. In the settings tap the iTunes App store.

3. In the iTunes App Store, menu scrolls down and slide the option ” Use Cellular Data ” to off. You can also turn off the automatic update of

Books –

by moving the slider to offside ( left Side ). That’s it, You Are Done!

How to disable Wi-Fi Assist on iOS 9 or later Devices:

Wi-Fi assist is the main reason to download and install updates automatically and it is enabled in iOS 9 and latest by default. WiFi feature is not available in any model earlier than iOS9.

Here is the way to disable the WiFi assist feature. This feature uses your mobile data if you are not connected to WiFi or the signals are low. So is clear that it can use your data connection without any limit and without letting you know about it.

1. Go to your phone home screen.

2. Tap the setting from home screen.

3. Select the ” Mobile ” option in the settings menu.

4. When you reach the menu of ” Mobile ” option then scroll down and you will see the option of WiFi assist. Now just turn off the WiFi assist option.

Congratulations, You automatic updates and automatic downloads are disabled by turning off WiFi assist option.

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