How To Get Billions Of Subscribers on YouTube

If you want to rank high in video marketing then YouTube is the top source for this purpose. Youtube is the best Vlogging platform these days. Youtube was introduced as a social networking site and after that, it became the best video hosting and video sharing website on the internet. If you have a question that How to get billions of subscribers on youtube then you will find the answer in this post.

Youtube is also one of the top social media networks too. Other social media sites are so far away from comparing Youtube.

How To Get Subscribers on YouTube
How To Get Subscribers on YouTube

Every Youtuber has a dream to have a big number of subscribers for their channel. This dream can be achieved very easily without any technical training. You can be the most famous personality on the Youtube and you can earn millions of dollars on youtube.

The number of subscribers depends on your videos and channel

viewership. If your video is interstring and has a big followership then you can get billions of subscribers. So first step is to create high quality and interesting video for your viewers and subscribers.

YouTube is the favorite of all internet marketers and advertisers to promote their product and services. You can earn from Youtube through Google Adsense, Affiliate programs or by selling your own products.


Youtube is the best platform to stay in touch with your subscribers in a digital way.

How To Get Billions Of Subscribers on YouTube
How To Get Billions Of Subscribers on YouTube


Bloggers can expect a huge amount of traffic from youtube to their blog. At the same time, bloggers can drag traffic from their blog to their Youtube channel. Here is the complete guide to Get Billions Of Subscribers on YouTube.

How To Get A Lot Of YouTube Subscribers Quickly:

As Youtube is getting more popular among bloggers, marketers, and publisher, the competition has reached the top level. It is not difficult to reach that level if the things are done in a proper way.

Make A Strategy For Your YouTube Channel:

I have a Youtube Channel with just 1M subscriber but I got these subscribers within 2 months or less. It is just because of proper planning and making strategies. I have a white board in my room to make strategies for my work. I am an old school type guy so I believe that board and paper are still very important.

The first thing that you have to decide is to choose the topic and niche of your channel before creating new videos. You must have the knowledge to create that type of videos. You should have relevant tools that will help you to create amazing videos.

If you still have to specify the topic of your videos then choose to make videos about the things you have enough knowledge. it is not important to choose the trending topics. Important is to have enough knowledge and information about your own topic.

I would suggest you focus on your YouTube video description too. Video description would be same as the content in the video.

Focus on Targeted Audience, Market Geo Location, and Viewers’ Language:

It is important to choose the targeted audience for your video. If you are making videos about American cars but you are trying to target the Indian audience then you are wasting your time. Use the language that your audience can understand easily. Also, keep in mind the intellectual level of your visitors. Use the words that would easily explain your product or services to your subscribers and visitors.

Relevant Content For Your Viewers:

If your focus is to sell your SEO services to the bloggers then you should create videos about Blogging tips, SEO tips, and tricks, content writing ideas and other relevant things. This is the only way to engage your viewers to be your permanent subscriber.

The visitor should find this content useful, informative and entertaining. In this way, you will have the less chance of losing a subscriber.

Create Ever Green Videos :

You must make the videos that are always searched by people. it is not a good idea to create just trending videos. Evergreen videos will help you to gain viewers in long term. So try to upload the video that people are always searching. There are many tools to find the trending and most search video during the previous period.

I use the Google Trends program for this purpose. Google Trends lets us know about the most searched terms during the specific period of time, and from a specific region.

Upload Many Videos Everday:

If you will keep uploading a lot of quality video and make it a routine then it would not take much time to be famous and rich on the Youtube. All you have to do is to produce and upload as many videos as you can. People love to watch the videos and subscribe to those channels which are updated on regular basis.

If you want to upload many videos every day then, first of all, you would have to find it as your hobby. In this way, you would not get bored and will touch the sky within a few days.

If you made a routine to create and upload 1 video every day then keep the same frequency or increase it. Your subscribers would be always waiting for your videos.

Write an Attractive Video title:

if your videos would have the perfect and attractive video title then it will grab the attention of the visitors to click on your video in search results and suggestions. Some time Video titles are full of suspense or in a question format that it creates a suspense. this type of titles is the main source of subscribers for your channel. Use the main keywords in the video.

Youtube search works with the video titles instead of just the video content. Your video title should not be more than 60 characters but it should contain all the important indications in the title.



Create An eyeCatching thumbnail ( Custom Thumbnail ):

Do not stick with the default thumbnail. Take an attractive screenshot of your video and use it as your custom thumbnail for your video.

You must watch videos on the Youtube. You must search the video with the term, First, consider the video title then the thumbnail. Eye-catching thumbnails are enough to make a viewer click on your video. This use might be the next subscriber for your channel.

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