How to stream Recorded videos Live On Facebook

How to stream Recorded videos Live On Facebook:

We can improve our Digital Marketing through videos as readers are too lazy to read the lengthy articles. It is important to provide the most relevant and desired content to your subscribers on a blog or social media. In this tutorial, you will know that  How to stream Recorded videos Live On Facebook.

Videos are a type of content that makes subscribers or reader stay interested in your content.

In my opinion, the video making is easier than writing textual content as it is easy to speak or visualize your words in a video rather choosing the text fonts and headings.

I am going to show you a way to promote your video to the next level by playing it live on Facebook live stream. All you have to do is to record your video, edit it and make it live on Facebook live stream.

We all know about being live on Facebook by our mobile phone or webcam, but now I am going to tell you that how to stream your recorded video live on Facebook. Live videos attract more viewers than any uploaded or recorded video. It can increase your viewership and also increase your revenue through your internet marketing.

You just have to follow this easy to understand tutorial to stream live your recorded videos from your desktop level.

How To Play Recorded video as  Stream Live On Facebook :

It is important to get a stream key from your Facebook page as it is a must to use it on ant encoder for live transmission. This key help to use already recorded video as a stream from a streaming video software.

Here is how you can get it:

Go to your Facebook page, then go to Publishing Tools > choose the option of Video Library > then click +Live. Very next moment, you will see a pop up showing a Facebook Stream Key. All you have to do is to copy that stream key and paste it somewhere, so you could use it for streaming software. This is a personal key, so never share it with anyone as they can misuse to stream wrong videos on your page. This stream key can work up to a week and maximum of 5 hours of live streaming. If the key expires then you can create another one by doing the same procedure.

When you will click next then you will see an option of  ” Create Live Vide Facebook “. It is recommended to keep open this window as it can be used to stream your videos live.

How to Set Open Broadcaster Software to Stream Recorded Videos As Live Videos On Facebook:

Go to google search and look for ” Open Broadcaster Software “. Download it and install it on your computer.


After it is installed open the OBS software and click on its settings. In setting menu, you will the option of Key. Here you have to put the same key that you got from Facebook Page. Now click ok.

Now click on the Add + icon to add a source for already recorded videos. If you want to play a single video then you can select it or if you want to play multiple files then you would have to create a playlist. Add different video files to this playlist or add a single one.

On the next screen, you will be asked if you want to stream this video on the background or you want to be it on the top of the desktop. You can choose an option of your own choice.

It is better to choose to stream even after the video is minimized by using the option “Always play even when not visible”. After all, is done click on ” Start Streaming “. After this, Go to Facebook and clickstream live.

Now, are you are done with streaming your recorded videos on the facebook. It is as easy as using your keyboard and mouse. If you face any problem streaming your pre-recorded video on the facebook then please let me know.

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