How To Write A Good Post To Rank High Without SEO Tricks

If you want to know that how to write a good post without any extra effort then this blog post is just for you. How to write a perfect post for your blog?

how to write good post

it is important that your post should have all the important information that a visitor is looking for. I have many bloggers who are writing posts just to drag traffic by applying SEO trick while there is nothing useful information in their blog posts. Such bloggers are losing their trust in the eyes of their visitors and subscribers.


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First of all, I would suggest you concentrate on your blog post quality rather than applying SEO tricks. You will feel creative and satisfied in this way. If you are still looking for the tips on how to write a good post on your blog then here are few important points for this purpose.

Write A Post with Full Of Information:

It is important to have enough information and knowledge about the product that you are going to write. If you don’t know about the topic then it is better not write about it.

It is necessary to provide the complete information to your visitors. If you are writing a post to solve a problem regarding iPhone then you should have knowledge and information to solve this problem. A few days ago I wrote a post about iPhone trick because I knew the solution to a specific iPhone problem. So keep in mind that gain some knowledge about the topic before you write a post about it.

Correct Sentences And Perfect Grammar:

If you want to write a good quality post then use the correct grammar and perfect sentences in in it. It would leave a good impression on readers. You can use a tool for writing a post in a correct grammar and spellings. I would suggest ” Grammarly ” extension for Chrome. When you will be typing in your post area then it will automatically do correct the spellings and grammar in it. You don’t need to check a dictionary or ask an expert about it. This tool is best for many writers if English is not their native language.

Here is a link to download this tool or extension Grammarly For Chrome.

Use An Image or Photos in Your Blog Post:

If you want to write a high-quality blog post then you would have to make the post look beautiful. An image or a few photos can be the most attractive thing to decorate blog post. it will not bore the visitors or subscriber. A post without an image looks boring and dull. Images and photos are a way to make your post colorful and entertaining. An image increases the overall score of your post.

high quality post without any extra offer
high-quality post without any extra offer

You can download the free images and stock photos for free related to your blog post topic. Here is a link to download free photos and images for any purpose.


I want those creative bloggers should give an amazing change in blogging world by providing unique and quality content on their blogs. I want that we bloggers should use the content as their power rather than trying typical SEO techniques. if you want to be a successful blogger then unique and quality posts are best for this purpose.


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